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To Feel Less Stressed, Try MBSR

MBSRIt only takes a few weeks of mindfulness-based stress reduction training to notice an improvement, according to a new study.  The findings support an existing body research showing that mindfulness leads to less perceived stress.

Find an MBSR program near you via the University of Massachusetts Medical School Center for Mindfulness

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Citation: Baer, R. A., Carmody, J. and Hunsinger, M. (2012), Weekly Change in Mindfulness and Perceived Stress in a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program. J. Clin. Psychol.. doi: 10.1002/jclp.21865


Holistic Health: For a good vibe, call…phone therapy

Is relief as easy as dialing 1-800-EASE-PAIN?

People who suffer from chronic pain can seriously benefit from short-term cognitive behavioral therapy sessions over the phone, suggests new research from Manchester University 

CBT is a specific form of psychotherapy that aims to help patients become aware of negative thinking, to see situations more objectively and respond to them in a more effective way.  The talk therapy is known to be effective–especially for anxiety and stress management–but, like any in-person treatment, CBT is expensive. Working via telephone could make it considerably more accessible than it is now.  Phone therapy could be the closest thing to a house call we’re gonna get these days.

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