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Cool Cures from Around the World

alternahealthgrrrl.comOne culture’s medicine may be another’s entertainment, at least if you’re watching Fox News. This Health Magazine story posted on foxnews.com, Alternative Therapies that Actually Work, is a bit mundane, even though it features the well-respected and exciting Woodson Merrell, MD. It’s your standard who-knew-acupuncture-actually-helps  round up.

But check out the Reuters slide show that goes with it! I’m not sure the prenatal-dolphin-sonic-kiss treatment shown here is authentic or effective, and it’s not cool to call them “crazy cures” but it’s a refreshing twist on integrative medicine coverage. A little more reporting and we might be able to call it anthropological.

To see the entire slideshow, click over to Foxnews.com.

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10 Reasons to Love Integrative Medicine

10 Reasons Integrative Medicine Rocks!

From the American College for the Advancement in Medicine:

Why We Love Integrative Medicine

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Herbal Medicine Under the Microscope

I love it when the Wall Street Journal covers CAM–especially when they do it well! Read about the 4 herb combo cancer treatment known as  PHY906 in Chinese Medicine Goes Under the Microscope by Shirley S. Wang.

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Holistic Health: Shroom Love + 10 Other Top CAM Moments in 2011

Don’t miss HuffPo’s Healthy Living channel’s round up of the year in integrative medicine.  They call these events “breakthroughs” but since so much of complementary and alternative medicine news is about evidence and acceptance (if not use) I think words like moments, turning points, or happenings are more apt.  Regardless, great stuff, including Dean Ornish’s appointment (you read it here–Dr Vegan Goes to Washington).  Read more>>  11 Integrative Medicine Breakthroughs of 2011

December 28th add on:

John Weeks follows up with a good post about the year in integrative medicine policy and action.

Holistic Health: Soccer’s Surprising Psych Benefits

Playing in a soccer league can boost more than just physical fitness, says new British research.  It can boost mental health, too.

A small study presented at the British Psychological Society’s Division of Clinical Psychology annual meeting found that playing amateur football can help even those with serious mental health problems.  Four years after researchers from Staffordshire and Aston Universities set up a soccer league for men with mental health problems, they evaluated the health of the players. Results showed overall improvements to mental health, including an improved ability to deal with psychological problems such as depression. They also reported increased confidence and even improvements in their social lives.

Previous research from the University of Copenhagen showed that soccer was a mood booster good for overall health, boosting feelings of belonging and reducing anxiety and worry.

To find an adult recreational soccer league near you, check out your local parks and recreation department or Active.com

Holistic Health: CAM boot camp for MDs-to-be

Mainstream medicine is opening up to integrative health, according to Huff Post Healthy Living. In case you missed it, Catherine Pearson wrote about the medical community’s (aka the medical industrial complex) growing acceptance of integrative medicine, and a cool new med school program at the University of Maryland. Read more.

Holistic Health Today: Doctor Vegan Goes to Washington

Dean Ornish, MD, who helped former president Bill Clinton go vegan to reverse his heart disease, is going to help Mr. Obama now. Yesterday President Obama announced his plans to appoint Ornish to the role of Member, Advisory Group on Prevention, Health Promotion, and Integrative and Public Health.  Dr. Ornish is the founder of the non-profit Preventive Medicine Research Institute and Clinical Professor of Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco.

The author of The Spectrum, Ornish is known for his integrative approach to treating heart disease with measures such as plant-based diet and stress reduction techniques like meditation.  His holistic healing plan made some political waves earlier this year, when Medicare started covering “Dr. Ornish’s Program for Reversing Heart Disease” when offered by trained and certified hospitals and physicians