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Are folding bikes the future?

The Daily Good explores the promising potential of foldable bicycles in Fold My Ride: The Bike That Could Change Transit as part of their Bike Nation series.

This spring, bike sharing came to South by Southwest for the first time in the festival’s history—something of a late arrival, given the crowd that assembles in Austin every year. When I stopped by to check it out, I was surprised to find not the usual cruisers-for-rent but instead a collection of foldable bikes.

Folding bikes are the black sheep of the bike community, neither respected by hard-core cyclists nor frequently used by the average citizen. But a new global company called Tern Bikes is out to change that perception—and, in the process, change transit.  (Read more from Tim Fernholtz, GOOD business editor)

Holistic Health: Power Cycling, Cash-wise

Let’s hear it for the bike!

In case you missed it, on Tuesday Zak Stone posted some good news about urban cycling. “How Biking Can Save Cities Billions” highlights optimistic findings published in Environmental Health Perspectives earlier this month. Researchers looked at the economic and health benefits of switching from a car to a bike for trips shorter than five miles long in 11 cities. Combining comprehensive data on medical expenses, mortality rates, automobile accidents, air pollution and physical fitness, the researchers found that if residents of each sample city switched to bikes for even half of their short trips, they’d create an annual net societal health benefit of $3.5 billion from the increase in air quality and $3.8 billion in savings from smaller health care costs associated with better fitness and fewer mortalities from a decreased rate of car accidents.

Time to invest in the bike share business.