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Meditation Is Prevention: Meditating Helps Fight Colds, Flu


Sick of getting sick?  Start meditating. New research supports the theory that meditation, like exercise, protects the body from cold and flu.

University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers looked at the impact of meditation and exercise on how often people got a cold or flu, as well as how bad the bug got and how long it lasted.  They found that both meditation and exercise offered plenty of protective power. The conclusion: Meditation and exercise can reduce the incidence, duration and severity of colds and the flu by about 30 percent to 60 percent.

Holistic Health: Drop the Advil! Fevers are good for you

Fever, a sign of inflammation and infection, may not feel good, but its good for you.  According to new research published in the November issue of the Journal of Leukocyte Biology,  an increase in body temperature helps strengthen your immune system. Researchers say a particular type of immune cell is enhanced when exposed to mild fever.

Cold and flu season is here. The next time you’re burning up, think twice before you take a fever reducer.  You might be better off toughing it out.

Holistic Health: New Flu-Fighting Breakthrough

According to a just-published report in Biomacromolecules, a new fiber made from ground shrimp shells may be the next big thing in our anti-flu arsenal.

Researchers predict that it could enhance the protective power of face masks, air conditioners and air purifiers by capturing influenza viruses before they can get into the eyes, nose or mouth.  Flu season started in October. Did you get your flu shot yet?