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Air Pollution Linked to Kids’ Anxiety + Attention Problems

There is scary yet fascinating new research connectioning dirty air to mental health and behavioral problems in our children.

Read more about the public health study  in Molly Rauch‘s article posted on Mom’s Clean Air Force


Toxins on Shoes & Other Environmental Exposures to Avoid

Note to self: Be more strict about taking off my shoes as soon as I get home!

Thanks to Jeffrey Bland for passing on this information about new guidelines regarding environmental exposure risk by researchers at Seattle Children’s Research Institute. You can read about flea and tick collars and other sources of common environmental toxins here, or watch this slideshow.

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Lyme Disease Alert! (& DEET alternatives that protect without toxins)

Herbal Medicine Under the Microscope

I love it when the Wall Street Journal covers CAM–especially when they do it well! Read about the 4 herb combo cancer treatment known as  PHY906 in Chinese Medicine Goes Under the Microscope by Shirley S. Wang.

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Natural Cholesterol Helpers: Safe Alternatives to Statin Drugs

Earth Hour 2012


Lights out in Brooklyn, USA and around the world.


Lyme Disease Alert! + DEET alternatives that protect w/o toxins

Thanks to the mild weather and its effect on ticks, and their ecosystem, tick season is starting early—and spreading further—this year.  Recent reports in Pill Advised, The New York Times and Scientific American highlight the potential negative public health impact the rise in tick-borne disease could have on the Northeast.

Luckily, at the end of last year’s tick season, Tula Karras and I crafted this comprehensive guide to fighting off ticks and mosquitoes without dousing yourself in DEET. Here, the best ways to protect yourself without exposure to too many chemicals.

Massage + Therapy = Medicine

Well that hit the spot!  It’s gotta to be a good sign when the Wall Street Journal reports on the medical benefits of getting a massage. Check out Andrea Petersen‘s Don’t Call It Pampering: Massage Wants to Be Medicine.

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Natural Cholesterol Helpers: Safe Alternatives to Statin Drugs

The wildly popular cholesterol-lowering drugs called statins must carry new warnings, the FDA said today.   Users need to be alerted about risks of blood sugar or diabetes problems as well as potential memory issues related to use of the drugs.

If your cholesterol numbers aren’t perfect, don’t forget that there are drug-free ways to push them in the right direction.  Meryl Davids recently wrote this helpful piece that I edited for Whole Living Magazine, Foods that Fight Cholesterol, highlighting the heart-healthy benefits of delicious foods such as almonds, eggplant and soy.

.…Scientists have discovered that certain foods — dubbed “the portfolio diet” for its array of benefits — act like cholesterol-sucking vacuums, removing the excess from the body before it lodges dangerously in artery walls. In fact, when people in studies ate a diet rich in these foods, their LDL levels plummeted 35 percent on average. 

“The results are as dramatic as if they had been on a first-generation statin drug,” says Cyril Kendall, Ph.D.,…MORE