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“Few of us ever live in the present. We are forever anticipating what is to come or remembering what has gone.”  ― Louis L’Amour

More and more research is surfacing regarding the benefits of mindfulness. Mindfulness is being present in the moment, fully aware without judgment. It allows you to be in the here and now with awareness of your mind and body.  Practicing mindfulness in the workplace can increase focus and productivity, improve work relationships, enhance well being, and reduce stress.  Mindful awareness begins with the most basic activities of our day, such as breathing, eating, and walking.  Sounds almost too simple, right?  It’s not like we forget how to breathe.  So what steps can we take to be more mindful and gain all those advantages?


The acronym STOP can develop more awareness of the body on a daily basis. This is how STOP works:

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  • RIEDEL Fascination

    It’s a pleasure to sit down to one of your posts for the first time in a while. My birthday’s November 18th! I am in need of light-heartedness and a very good time. I couldn’t agree more about it being important to tune in. Before cell phones, I’ve found people robotic rather than thinking on their feet. If it’s proven to be healthy, I’m thrilled. Small moments mean the world to me, especially with my cats whom my fiancé & I regard as children.

    I don’t think my subscribers caught the news: one of our young cats died for no reason (major natural cause). I’m traumatized by it and was astounded not to be inundated with condolences (at my blog, where I’ll see and cherish them). Hearing people understand “cat” = “son&daughter” to me, is very healing. Despite only living 4 years, I want people to know our sweet boy. Along with entertainment, a community is for lifting people up, so I’m reaching out to mine. I’m much better but had to try again because a cricket response hasn’t sat well with me. It might help to explain I WANT to hear from people. My post is here. Gratefully, Carolyn.

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