Biofeedback is Back!

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I’m excited to see more coverage of biofeedback, which can help you interpret your body’s physical responses to stress (heart rate) usually with a device, such as a fingertip sensor, that measures the changes in temperature skin.

The tools discussed in this NYT Well blog are a sort of high-tech approach akin to relaxation techniques such as deep breathing. Computerized biofeedback gadgets have been shown to help teach relaxation and stress management exercises.  They’re an important part of a holistic approach that may be helpful to people dealing with IBS, migraines and numerous other medical conditions that are influenced by stress levels.  The source in this NYT Well blog story notes that kids in particular seem to respond well to this drug-free way to help treat anxiety and stress.

The Doctor’s Remedy: Biofeedback for Stress      

What the Doctor Says: Biofeedback devices typically weigh only a couple of ounces and look something like an iPod. Pressing your thumb to sensors on the devices allows them to take your pulse and measure changes in your heart rate. The devices then use audible cues, flashing lights and graphics to guide you to breathe in a way that has a calming effect.  Dr. Rosen prefers using the emWave brand of biofeedback devices, which he says helps his nervous patients relax before operations….MORE

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