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Don’t Just Google Yourself, Search Inside Yourself

It doesn’t get much more mainstream that this: Google’s corporate mindfulness initiatives are covered on the NY Times Technology section front page. Read about S.I.Y. or Search Inside Yourself,a new book by Google engineer and personal growth head, Chade-Meng Tan. The book has endorsements from both Jon Kabat-Zinn and Daniel Goleman, so it’s sure to make waves in the business world as well as the integrated health world.  S.I.Y. is also a new popular corporate course that employees at the world’s premier information organization system say helps them handle stress related to a demanding workload, diffuse emotional reactions, and work better. OK Google, Take A Deep Breath

A Google story plus: A good slideshow.

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New Antidote for Teen Angst

Why do so many of us experience teen angst so deeply?

Probably because we’re not trained or equipped to deal with the emotional realities of adolescence.  Emotional intelligence, sometimes referred to as “EQ,” is the ability to appraise, express and regulate emotions. Over the past decade, the idea that these skills positively influence physical as well as psychological well-being has gained momentum.  (If for haven’t read Daniel Goleman‘s books on the topic, check out his website.)

This recent article, published by to the Health Behavior News Service, part of the Center for Advancing Health, highlights new research supporting the notion that building emotional intelligence is a crucial life skill.   In the case of kids, learning to use more emotional intelligence may help prevent them from doing so many of the risky things that tempt teens, such as drug use or promiscuity. What’s more, improved EQs could help students cope with classic  issues and conflicts related to growing up, including fear, stresses and relationships.  (Think back. Is high school about anything besides fear, stress and relationships?)

Teens who received emotional intelligence training in school had improved scores on several measures of emotional well-being, including less anxiety, depression and social stress…(more)

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Air Pollution Linked to Kids’ Anxiety + Attention Problems

There is scary yet fascinating new research connectioning dirty air to mental health and behavioral problems in our children.

Read more about the public health study  in Molly Rauch‘s article posted on Mom’s Clean Air Force

The True Threat to Inner Peace: Animated Short

Click on The Fly for two animated minutes of profound advice on finding peace and mindfulness, via Bounce.

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Sperm Deposit Freedoms: Bro-Choice

Watch and chuckle at the Daily Show’s take on male reproductive freedom, wasting semen and the personhood bill.

Via Kerry Mansfield.

Feet: Meet Your New Best Friend

At a Pilates session this morning, my toes and I were introduced to the Foot Wakers. Wow. I may have to invest in a kit.

Toxins on Shoes & Other Environmental Exposures to Avoid

Note to self: Be more strict about taking off my shoes as soon as I get home!

Thanks to Jeffrey Bland for passing on this information about new guidelines regarding environmental exposure risk by researchers at Seattle Children’s Research Institute. You can read about flea and tick collars and other sources of common environmental toxins here, or watch this slideshow.

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