Holistic Health Must Read: New Success Strategy

Got Goal Clout?

Well, you might want to start looking for some…

In her recent post exercise motivation expert Michelle Segar, PhD explains a cool new concept that can help people get healthier:  “Goal clout” is an important concept to help explain why it’s been so hard for us busy women to keep up our desired behavioral goals (move more, eat better, meditate, etc.) and how we can learn to maintain them for life. Want this new trump card?

I created the goal clout concept to help women understand an essential aspect of sustaining self-care behaviors.

We rush around nonstop, scrambling to accomplish things – aiming to get the most urgent things done every day.  The reality of our hectic and overcommitted life is that it is VERY DIFFICULT to take care of ourselves well…right?  In fact, even self-care and exercise professionals, like me, are constantly challenged to keep up our own self-care behaviors. Read MORE


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